Launching Success Intensive

In order to accomplish the extensive work we do in the Building Success VIP Day, you first need to understand what is working and what is not working – and why. And you need to know what your challenges are and how you can work through them.

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In this exciting, 90 minute, intensive we will start by doing a fascinating values assessment and debrief. Then, we will work together to identify specific challenges, prioritize them and then identify your individual strengths that will help you through those challenges. And, once we uncover all of that, we will be able to define what you would like to achieve by defining your ideal vision.


Building Success VIP Day

After we’ve had the chance to figure out what is and is not working for you, in your Launching Success Intensive, we can revisit your overall vision and identify what might be preventing you from getting there. We’ll take a deep look at any challenges we uncover and then come up with a plan of action that is specifically right for you.

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  • We will Identify your external challenges and then, as they come up, we’ll look at any internal challenges. Then we’ll find solutions that are within your control and develop a plan to implement those solutions.
  • We will revisit and enhance your vision for what you would like to achieve.
  • Create an overall strategic plan to carry out that vision. Identify and address any blocks or obstacles in your way of implementing this plan.
  • Go over some new skills to assist you with the challenges and goals we uncover. Included are Conflict Resolution, Relationship Building, Decision Making and Communication Skills.

Your VIP Day also includes a 30-minute follow up phone session with me to address any questions that come up.


Mastering Success 6-Month Premium Program

In this ongoing 6-month intensive program, you will receive step-by-step guidance, training, coaching, support and accountability to take a deep dive into the new strategies, skills and plan of action that will help you master “your” approach to attracting and retaining premium clients.

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  • We’ll use your new knowledge and tools on an on-going basis.
  • Strategize around blocks as needed, handle unexpected problems and challenges that come up as you go along and, work with accountability.
  • We’ll go over some additional skills that can further assist you with any of these blocks and unexpected problems and/or challenges.
  • We will explore a multitude of areas designed to help you connect with and captivate prospects to turn them into new clients.

And so much more!!


For more information on my programs and to receive guidance on your next steps, contact me to schedule a complimentary “Client Attraction” Strategy Session.

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