Nobody Gives a Shit About You (Most Likely, Not Even You!)

Posted on: January 10, 2017

Stressed businessman, isolated on white background

I have been binging on Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube videos, I love his candor, pragmatism and approach to building/growing your business.  One of the things he says, in addressing the excuses entrepreneurs make when things aren’t going “as planned,” is that nobody cares. Nobody is interested in the “whys’ or ‘what’s.’ He, more or less, says “Shut up and do the work..nobody gives a shit about you!”

With regard to this scenario, I totally agree with him. I often struggle with committing to fully immersing myself in building my brand. But, in spite of the fact that it can be overwhelming, I know creating valuable content, getting my voice out there and providing a remarkable service, is essential for success. I know that nobody cares to hear ANY of the reasons I may (think) I have for not doing what needs to get done – except maybe those interested in commiserating.

Within the corporate world, this statement is also true. In the first scenario it is essential to know and should be embraced. The second scenario creates toxicity and is one of the fundamental reasons for the slow demise of businesses.

In Corporate America, nobody gives a shit about you either. Humanity is practically extinct and many don’t really even care about the actual job. The primary and overriding focus, for most, is on keeping their jobs. This focus comes from a place of fear. So, if C-Level Execs, Upper Management, Management and their Teams are all worried about losing their jobs, how can anyone give a shit about each other? It’s almost impossible.

Think about it.  The work day can be anywhere from 8 to 12 hours long, five days a week. So,  for 40 to 60 hours a week, employees are surrounded by other employees who don’t give a shit because they are scared, stressed out, exhausted and unhappy. Nobody (or very few people,) within your organization can have the capacity to give a shit about you and, this makes you feel like shit!

So, what are some solutions? Well, the first step is to ask yourself if YOU give a shit about you. Go ahead, ask yourself. What’s the answer? Maybe? Never thought about it? Not so much?  The next step? Figure out how you’re going to start caring about yourself (or care more.) Ask yourself how YOU can improve the quality of your life, how YOU can make yourself a priority. This may take a bit of work because you, most likely, have never really given it much thought.

Finally, the challenging part. You have to commit to yourself and take action.  Figure out what makes you happy. Ask yourself how you want to feel during your days. What kind of life do you want to lead? How can you treat yourself with the same kind of care you show others? On the flip side, figure out what makes you feel bad, what you are tolerating, and how can you stop it.

Learning how to care about yourself may not be easy. It not something we’ve ever actually been taught to do it, let alone HOW to do it. It will take time to get good at it. But, if you don’t give a shit about you, what’s the alternative?