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With 20 + years of business experience, I see the same challenges over and over. All of them prevent businesses from thriving. Solutions seem pretty obvious to me but not to most. Many challenges are purely practical but, many stem from fear, not valuing yourself enough, not being an effective communicator, to name a few. And, so many don’t know there are people/services out there to turn to for help. We can all benefit from having a sounding board. We all experience a feeling of being “stuck” at some point or another. We all need someone we can trust to help us get “unstuck” so we can move forward.

Together we can strategize and work on the following…..and more!

Communication & Leadership Skills

  • Navigate difficult conversations with employees, clients and investors.
  • Learn how to be more straightforward and set boundaries.
  • How well do you listen? Listening is huge part of effective communication.
  • Understand what Conflict Resolution really is and how to address is.
  • Learn “your way” of clearly and concisely expressing objectives, ideas and goals.
  • Identify when, how and why it’s ok to say NO.
  • Learn the power of saying YES in order to build trust.
  • Figure out the right steps to build trust and a sense of community within your organization.

Growth (Professional and Personal)

  • What is blocking you from figuring out your next steps?
  • How much does fear hold you back?
  • What do you need to do to scale your business effectively?
  • How can you learn how to delegate more effectively?
  • What is preventing you from asking for help?
  • You don’t know what you don’t know. How curious and aware are you?
  • What are you tolerating and why?
  • Why is good enough, good enough?

Sales & Business Development

  • Come from a place of curiosity instead of desperation when approaching prospects/clients.
  • Remember you are providing a service. It’s about the client’s needs, not yours.
  • Stop focusing, soley,  on closing the deal. Prospects sense this and it makes them uncomfortable.
  • Tailor your sales strategy to your ideal customer. A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work.
  • Understand that sales is an authentic conversation in which you guide & educate your client.
  • Don’t be afraid to lose a client if they are sucking the life out of you.

Valuing Yourself

  • Your life is important so, if you’re feeling stuck, find a way to get unstuck.
  • Understand what you’re worth and how important it is to “own it.”
  • Figure out if & why you’re not getting paid enough and what to do about it, if you’re not.
  • Get more comfortable with raising your fees/asking for a higher salary.
  • Ask yourself if you’re overqualified for your current position and why you’re still there.
  • Don’t settle. Stop saying should. Figure out what you want and make a plan!
  • If you don’t value yourself, your strengths, your abilities, others may not either.

Change Your Perception, Change your Life

  • Why are you taking things personally that aren’t personal?
  • Why are some things harder than others?
  • What assumptions might be preventing you from moving forward?
  • Why do you feel so overwhelmed?
  • Why is it hard for you to speak up/say what you mean/ask for what you want?
  • How different would life be if you shifted your perception from negative to positive?
  • What makes you think there is only one way to approach something?
  • Have you identified your Limiting Beliefs?

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